Sunday, May 17, 2009

fantastic sharm

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A hunk of sterile buildings on a plateau commanding docks and other installations, SHARM EL-SHEIKH was developed by the Israelis after their capture of it in the 1967 war. Their main purpose was to thwart Egypt's blockade of the Tiran Strait and to control overland communications between the Aqaba and Suez coasts. Tourism was an afterthought – though an important one, helping to finance the Israeli occupation and settlements, which Egypt inherited between 1979 and 1982. Since then, Sharm's infrastructure seems to have expanded in fits and starts, without enhancing its appeal much. Despite some

Saturday, April 25, 2009

sharm elsheikh city

sharm elsheikh the fantastic city

if you didn't heared about that city so i can take you for a tour to that fantastic place which it never be found in any other country
you can understand that it have a very important place in the map you can see it your self

sharm elsheikh is an egyption city but it is avery important city in tourism it has many places which you can enjoy it so you can see it your self

so you can look at this pic to know how much this place is wonderful
these are some pics to see beauty of red sea in egypy

so you can see that is a under water restaurant that you can eat while seeing fish swimming around every war i cant discribe the beauty of that place if you know some body had visited that place he can tell you how much beauty in that fantastic place

you can look to the next pic to know how look like the water under your yakht

sharm elsheikh also has a wonderful places such as " hkaleeg neama " which you can roocks and many kinds of fish you can judge your self from seeing that pics

you can also make some hoppies not swimming only but you can make some diving to see the fish with deffirent colors and rocks which cold " morgan " it's some pics to see some body can dive safe because their is some places you can't swim in it because it has many sharks so look to this pic

now i would to talk about hotels in sharm elsheikh >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

this is an important thing in this site i can show you how much beauty in services i it

and people serve you very honest and very kindly realy prices are very vheap their comparing with any places in any countery in the world you can see how look like hotels in it

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